Apple Music expands its student discounts to 82 new regions

Apple Music expands its student discounts to 82 new regions

If you're a student and in love with Apple Music, the company has some more good news for you. Apple has increased the number of market where students can get a discount on their Apple Music subscription.

Noted by iMore's Rene Ritchie, the deal is now being offered at a total of 82 new regions. 79 of those regions are in immediate effect and the other three will go into effect on February 26th. These regions include Israel, Portugal, Poland and the Philippines.

If you want to take advantage of Apple Music's student-discount, the price will vary depending on the region. Though the general rule is that students get half-off (for example, in the US, it costs $4.99 for students instead of $9.99 per month). Apple uses UniDAYS to verify the enrollment verification at a college or university, and will periodically check their status while the four-year discount is applied.

Prior to expansion, Apple's student discount was available in several countries including the US, UK, Germany, Denmark and Ireland. Before the end of the month, the discount will be accessible in “nearly all of the countries where Apple Music is available,” a spokesperson said.

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