Newly discovered ‘chaiOS’ bug will cause iMessage to crash with a text message

There’s a new bug going around in the Apple realm called “chaiOS” that appears to be a basic GitHub link. Here’s where things get interesting (or annoying). If you text it to a person via the iMessage app (iOS or MacOS), it will crash the app and possible cause the device to freeze and restart.

This report is to help you be aware that it exists and we highly encourage to not send it to anyone.

This bug was discovered by the Twitter user Abraham Masri. Folks over at 9to5Mac tested to see if it works, and it messed up their devices. They reported crashes and heavy lags as a result of the bugs that persisted until the threat containing the link was entirely deleted from the iMessage app. That’s when the device started to return to normal functionality.

If you send it or receive it, and your device becomes a mess, there’s a fix in replies of Masri’s original tweet. Apple has not acknowledged this bug but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time before the Apple team works to figure things out and issue a fix.

While this bug won’t permanently damage your device if you send it, it will certainly cause a lot of problems and annoyance. Masri tied this bug back to the “effective Power” bug in his tweet. This apparently dates back to 2015 when it caused a lot of issues, and Apple has since fixed that bug.


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