New leak shows Microsoft’s going ‘All Digital’ with Xbox One S

New Leak Shows Microsoft’s Going ‘all Digital’ With Xbox One S

Current gaming consoles currently have a disc that allows gamers to insert discs to play their video games. The days of disc console gaming are numbered because disc-free Xbox One is very real and could be released in the near future.

According to images obtained by WinFuture, they show off the Xbox One S All Digital, including some juicy extra details. It's an Xbox One S without a Blu-ray drive. It will carry a 1TB hard drive and will ship (at least in Europe) with preinstalled copies of Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and Sea of Thieves to help gamers start gaming.

Microsoft may unveil the All Digital Xbox One S as soon as April 16th and release it in Europe by May 7th. If this leak is true, we can expect the company to release the system in several other countries at the same time, including the US.

Price: Xbox One S All-Digital

Price is something of a concern, though. The system doesn't appear to be a bargain because the Europe version will sell for €230, or about $260. Pricing may vary by region around the world, but the price before discount is around $260 USD. We could see Microsoft and other retailers provide some substantial discounts on the All Digital console. If Microsoft's strategy of no-disc proves to be successful, we could see it embrace a future without discs in consoles.

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