Apple has announced an event for March 27th focusing on education

‘Let’s take a field trip’

Apple has just announced an event for March 27th that will focus on “creative new ideas for teachers and students,” per the invitation that was sent out. What’s even more surprising is that the event will take place in Chicago, not California.

At this time, there’s not much ot go by from the invitation, but Apple stylized the logo and has the phrase “Let’s take a field trip,” which is fitting with the education theme.

Apple is rumored to be working on new, cheaper MacBooks and iPads, which could mean that the company may announce these at this event. In addition, Apple has also been working to transition the iPad into the classroom tool for educators. Recent rumors have claimed that the company is looking to release a new, entry-level 9.7-inch iPad priced around $259, which makes it even cheaper than the current $329 model.

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