AT&T and T-Mobile go at against each other on Twitter over one customer

tmobile-att112:45 PM – We already know that AT&T and T-Mobile have a small warfare going on between each other.  Since the merge failure, both companies have been throwing arguments back and forth.  This time around, both take it to Twitter over one customer.

Originally published by The Next Web, a frustrated customer by the name Jay Roone took to Twitter to express his frustration with AT&T.  He asked the company why he shouldn’t switch to T-Mobile as his next carrier and take advantage of free international roaming.

Of course T-Mobile was quite happy to hear another customer that was considering to switch.  AT&T tells Rooney that switching to T-Mobile would be “scary” and took a shot at the carrier’s wireless network.  The warfare continues with T-Mobile hitting back and asked AT&T whether its “kindergarten panel” wrote its jokes.

Interesting thing though, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere joins the conversation.  Much respect to him for coming on Twitter and at the same time, taking a shot at AT&T.

Both companies have a lot of heated competition between each other.


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