Apple and China Mobile officially sign a deal to bring the iPhone to world’s largest mobile network

chinamobile-iphone8:30 AM – For quite some time now, it has been rumored that Apple and China Mobile have been in talks to bring the iPhone to the carrier.  Several reports in the past have suggested that the iPhone would come to the world’s largest carrier, however we did not know of the time frame.  Only until recently we got some-what of a confirmation when China Mobile started advertising the iPhone.  The day is finally here though.  According to an official press release from Apple, both sides have reached an agreement and the iPhone is now officially launching on China Mobile.

Details about the agreement have not been disclosed, but here is what Apple said in their press release:

[quote]Apple® and China Mobile today announced they have entered into a multi-year agreement to bring iPhone® to the world’s largest mobile network. As part of the agreement, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available from China Mobile’s expansive network of retail stores as well as Apple retail stores across mainland China beginning on Friday, January 17, 2014. iPhone 5s, the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world and iPhone 5c, the most colorful iPhone yet, will be available for pre-registration from China Mobile’s official website (www.10086.cn) and customer service hotline “10086″ beginning on Wednesday, December 25, 2013.[/quote]

Both the iPhone 5s and 5c will be launching on China Mobile’s network.  China Mobile will support 4G/TD-LTE and 3G/TD-SCDMA networks.  The carrier recently flipped the switch on its TD-LTE network in a few major cities, and will be expanding its network as time goes on.  It’s goal is to cover a good portion of major cities by the end of 2014.

The deal is a very good opportunity for Apple.  The iPhone has been a very widely demanded phone all over the world.  Two other carriers in China have had the iPhone for a few years, and China Mobile was the only carrier to not have it.  Both sides were playing hard when it came to coming up with an agreement.  Since the deal has been reached, someone must have had to cave in.  What we don’t know is who did.

Now the 750 million subscriber base of China Mobile can enjoy the iPhone on their network.  The iPhone is set to go on sale starting January 17, 2014.

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