Consumer Reports says that Sprint is the worst carrier money can buy

Consumer Reports says that Sprint is the worst carrier money can buy

For a long time now, Sprint, the fourth largest carrier in the US has been struggling and continues to struggle. Thanks to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier strategy, Sprint has continued to fall further behind. Everything isn’t bad for the carrier though. Due to its high-bandwidth spectrum holdings and experienced with crucial tech like MIMO, the company is posed to make the most of 5G in the coming years.

While the future may look better for Sprint, not everything is good for the company and may get worse. Latest survey from Consumer Reports ranks Sprint dead last, but this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Consumer Reports Cell-Phone Service Survey polls Consumer Reports’ 119,772 subscribers who use prepaid or postpaid cellphone surveys, and asked all subscribers to rank different providers on different criteria like data and voice performance, frequency of telemarketing calls, and problems with websites.

The top scores in this year’s survey went to smaller prepaid MVNOs, like Project Fi, Ting, and Consumer Cellular. T-Mobile finished the best out of all carriers that have their own network, and US Cellular came in second place with their own network. Talking about Sprint, the company finish last place, again. But again, shouldn’t really come as a surprise because the company continues to fall behind.

It’s not that surprising to see Sprint perform last, but it is highly surprising to see them perform so low on a survey that measures consumer satisfaction, rather than network quality. Since Sprint does offer some of the cheapest plans and doesn’t have many hidden fees of any kind, you’d think that customers would be satisfied. Apparently, that’s not the case.

“Several of the carriers that rated very highly in the survey, namely Project Fi, Republic Wireless and Ting are MVNO customers of Sprint who offer cellular service on the Sprint network. Regardless, as a leading wireless provider, we are always working to enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of our customers,” Sprint said in a statement. “We have been working to densify and optimize our network. Last month we announced that Sprint will spend $5-6 billion over the next 18 months on network improvements across the country.”

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