Innovating: Audi working to expand its Traffic Light Information system with GLOSA

In recent years, Audi vehicles have come with red light countdowns using the onboard Traffic Light Information (TLI) system. The automaker is further expanding its innovative approach to include the Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory (GLOSA), per Popular Science.

How does GLOSA work? Well, it works by offering speed suggestions on Audi's digital instrument panel. Instead of the driver arriving at an intersection hastily and waiting for the light to change, the system instead will provide the driver with speed recommendations so that by the time you reach the traffic light, the light will turn green, resulting in the driver spending less time standing still.

After three seconds of providing recommendation, the notice will disappear from the digital instrument panel so that the driver can continue to pay attention on the road as they approach the intersection. If this technology is implemented well, will mean not only a safer driving experience but also make red light countdown irrelevant.

For drivers that have an Audi Connect subscription on 2017 models or recent (excl. A3 and TT), Traffic Light Information is available in designated areas whose traffic lights support “vehicle-to-infrastructure communications”. Since 2016, the TLI system has continued to expand to 13 metropolitan areas that consist of over 4,600 intersections.

Cities with areas that have support for TLI and GLOSA include: Dallas, Denver, Gainesville, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington DC. 

Hamza Khalid

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