You can now buy Google Fi SIM cards at Best Buy

If you've been thinking about trying out Google Fi or thinking of adding another line, you can at your nearest Best Buy. The Google Fi SIM cards are available through Best Buy's website and their retail stores. This was confirmed by a Google Fi employee on Reddit.

Purchasing the SIM cards through Best Buy will cost you $10, but Google said they will compensate you the $10 in for of credit towards your service you activate. The SIM cards will cover talk, text and mobile data. If you're interested in the data-only cards, they are still only available through Google directly.

Alternatively, you can still get Google Fi SIM card through the search engine giant, but you will have to wait until it's delivered to you location. By bringing Fi's SIM cards at Best Buy, Google is positioning itself as another viable option. You no longer have to wait for Google to send you the Fi SIM cards and can instead get them through Best Buy.

While Google Fi SIM cards are being sold through Best Buy, the retailer and its employees will not be able to help you set up the SIM in your phone, though instructions that come with the SIM are pretty painless and straightforward. It's also worth mentioning that if you're interested in picking up a Pixel phone, Best Buy sells those as well.

Google bringing its Fi SIM cards to Best Buy is a logical decision. Late last year, the company announced the expansion of its service when it officially went from Project Fi to Google Fi. At the same time, the company expanded the compatibility of its service that includes other Android phones and iPhones. It's worth noting that your experience may vary on non-Google powered phones as Fi's team is still tweaking things.

Hamza Khalid

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