Amazon Music reports that it has ‘tens of millions’ of paying users

Amazon Music reports that it has ‘tens of millions’ of paying users

According to a report from Billboard, Amazon Music has reported that it has “tens of millions” of paying customers and that Amazon Music Unlimited subscription has more than doubled its size in the past half year. This would put the service in competition with Spotify and Apple Music that have 70 million and 36 million reported subscribers, respectfully.

One of the main reasons why it's likely that Amazon is seeing substantial growth is due to Prime members, at least according to Amazon Music's Steve Boom that told Billboard. Additionally, he says that the popularity of the company's integration with Echo and other smart speakers makes the service easier to access.

Boom also added that most of its new paid Unlimited subscribers are coming from home devices, and includes older listeners and country-music fans, and that people using their voice to listen to music makes it easier to use the service. Amazon also has multiple tiers to encourage users to sign up for the service.

“We have a lot of evidence that the customers that we're bringing into our ecosystem are either new to streaming in the first place, or new to premium streaming,” Boom told Billboard. “It's still day one when it comes to what it means to control a music service and have access to a massive catalog and everything you want to do and control it only with your voice.”

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