Report: Snap is apparently working on a new version of Spectacles

Report: Snap is apparently working on a new version of Spectacles

It appears that Snap hasn't giving up on Spectacles because according to report from Alex Heath on Cheddar this morning, Snap is working on a new version of its Spectables wearable camera.

Reportedly, the company is working on two new Spectacles products. The first is a second-generation model that brings bug fixes, performance improvements, and new color options. The second is a more ambitious version that could feature two lenses and more advanced camera technology that could end up costing around $300.

In addition to working on two versions for Spectacles, they company is also in conversations with major glasses companies including Luxottica and Warby Parker to license out its camera technology. Heath also reported that Snap quietly acquired imaging company FiveFocal at the end of 2017.

The development of the second-generation Spectacles is pretty far along because the product is already said to be in the manufacturing phases for a launch slated for Q2 or Q3. Previously, Snapchat took a huge $40 million loss on its first generation of Spectacles, and only sold around 150,000 units. You can expect the company to make far fewer units this time around when it releases second-gen products.

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