Pro-net neutrality groups plan to protest at Verizon stores on December 7th

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As FCC is planning to move ahead with completely dismantling the rules of net neutrality, pro-net neutrality groups are also planning protests. The groups have stated that on December 7th, they're planning protests at Verizon stores around the country.

The organizers write on a website that “We'll demand that our members of Congress take action to stop Verizon's puppet FCC from killing net neutrality. The groups say volunteers are planning for the protests and are expected to be held in several cities. They may also march to lawmakers' offices as well to let them know of the protests and disapproval of everything that's going on.

You may be asking what Verizon has to do with all of this. Well, Verizon is also being targeted in this protest because the company has been a big critic of the current net neutrality rules, and will stand to benefit a lot from it when it's dismantled. It doesn't help the fact that Pai is also a former lawyer for Verizon.

This has been a fairly busy week for the FCC so far. They've announced their full intentions to completely dismantle net neutrality and all the protections associated with it. At the December 14th commission meeting, their final vote for the proposal will take place. At the front of the line is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai leading the charge. The Republican-controlled Commission will almost likely pass the proposal to completely destroy net neutrality.

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