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There’s a possible ‘greengate’ issue with the iPhone X

The excitement over iPhone X continues to be off the charts, with Apple reporting very strong Q3 earnings. However, there appears to be a new issue rising with the iPhone X.

I’m going to call it “greengate” for the sake of this report. There are a small number of iPhone X owners that have noticed their new iPhone X exhibiting a green vertical line on the right side of the display. So far, the problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, but we are seeing complaints on both Apple’s own support forums and Twitter.

Here’s one user displaying the green line on Twitter:

Here’s another users:

Here’s what’s interesting. The green line doesn’t appear to be just on the right side of the iPhone X. It also can be on the left. Take a look from this Twitter user:

Greengate, linegate, whatever you want to call it. This problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, perhaps a small number of users are experiencing this issue. That’s why reports are relatively small on platforms such as Reddit and Apple support pages. The thing is though, you don’t want to see your shiny new iPhone X to show a green line. After all, the device did cost you $1,000+.


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