New iPhone X guided video tour by Apple will show you all the best features

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If you're one of the lucky that got their iPhone X on launch day, or you bought your iPhone X in-store on launch day, there are others that are jealous. Nonetheless, Apple wants to makes sure that new owners of the iPhone X understand everything about the phone, what's different about it, and show you all of the cool features.

To do this, Apple created a new video detailing all of the new features. To start, there is obviously no home button. Instead, Apple now uses gestures to help you navigate about the phone. Apple starts the video by detailing new gestures. No matter where you are on the phone, you can swipe up and will be taken to the home screen. In addition, you can swipe at the bottom of an app to switch between the apps you have already open. Pretty simple, huh?

These are few features that Apple covers in the video. Apple also covers all of the other unique features, such as Face ID, Animoji, and Portrait Lightning. These features will be picked up fairly quickly by those that tend to use the iPhone X a lot, but if you're not one of those individuals, this is a great video to watch. Take a look below for the video.


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