Forget streaming subscriptions, Porsche just launched a car subscription service

For many years now, we've been talking about TV streaming subscriptions and other types, but here's something you don't hear everyday: car subscription service. Porsche just launched a new “subscription service” for customer that allows them access to a number of their sports cars and SUVs, start at $2,000 per month.

The program is called Porsche Password. It will start in November in Atlanta, the German company's North American affiliate announced Tuesday. The luxury car marker said the service is called “white-glove” and is intended to give users app-driven access to a different Porsche at a flexible schedule.

The pilot program in Atlanta is made possible through Clutch Technologies, LLC. This program is part of the company's Strategy 2025 that wants to cater to, “customers’ desire to experience our sports cars,” Porsche Cars North America president and CEO Klaus Zellmer said in a news release.

Starting at the price point of $2,000-per-month, the Porsche Passport membership would give customers access to range of models such as the 718 Boster, and the 718 Cayman S. The other option is the more expensive $3,000-per-month plan that gives a user the ability to drive on of 22 models, such as the Cayenne E-Hybrid. The subscription cost will cover vehicle tax and registration, insurance, maintenance, and detailing. There is, however, a $500 activation fee at first and a credit check, but Apple iOS and Android users can then download the app and schedule same-day or future vehicle exchanges through the Porsche Passport app.

Expansion into other markets will be determined by the feedback the company receives from the Atlanta customers.

Hamza Khalid

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