Comcast provides further improvements to its wireless data plans

Comcast recently took Xfinity Mobile nationwide where they offer fairly cheap wireless plans, for its customers that is. In order to take advantage of their wireless plans, you must be a Comcast home internet customer to qualify. Comcast offers its wireless plans through Verizon's network.

There is some more good news for those interested in Xfinity Mobile. Comcast executive Randall Hounsell told Fierce Wireless that Comcast plans to add bring-your-own-device plans to its offerings. In addition, there will be trade-in options set in place by the end of the year. This should help those that don't want to switch because they don't want to pay for a new device.

For BYOD device option, Hounsell told Fierce Wireless that “I think you’ll see some version of that by the end of the year. And when we do it, we’re going to try to do it right. It’s going to be a very clean, simple experience.” Bringing a much simple BOYD system to the market will help Comcast further attract new subscribers.

As stated previously, Xfinity Mobile will remain an option for Comcast customers only, those that have cable or broadband service. If you're already a Comcast customer, this should give you more incentive to possibly make the switch from your current carrier to Xfinity Mobile.

Hamza Khalid

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