Review: Fun, Fast, and Brilliant Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3, which has seen its fair share of delays and woes, isn’t just a normal car on the market, it’s an all-electric sedan from a company called Tesla. The automaker in the last several years has completely revolutionized the definition of an electric vehicle.

While consumer mindset is still on the normal fuel-powered cars, Tesla is working hard to shift that mindset to EV (electric vehicle) that are not only better for long-term use but also help drive the cost down for consumers. With the rising fuel prices, diesel emissions scares (remember Volkswagen’s dilemma?), Tesla is looking to make a more long-term impact that’s better for the everyday consumer and for our planet.

Generally when you hear about a Tesla, it’s a luxury electric automaker brand and there’s a lot of truth to that because majority of their cars have been on the more expensive side. With the Model 3, though, the company is attempting to make a splash in the less than $40K range for the everyday consumer.

The Model 3 offers a cool and promising electric vehicle experience that’s not only more affordable, but also contains innovative features that are unlike anything else on the market in the same price range.


  • Best semi-autonomous driving capabilities on the market
  • Fully modular and feedback-drive technology
  • Incredible handling and acceleration
  • Innovative features for convenience
  • Luxury comfort and ride quality


  • Placing an order today means you will get it in a few weeks to a few months, depending on the configuration you order
  • No Android Auto or Apple CarPlay integrations


  • 5 out of 5


Tesla’s Model 3’s interior is one of the most elegant interiors you’ll experience. There’s no level of automotive interior experience that will ready you for what’s inside the Model 3.

When you sit in the driver seat, you are met with the steering wheel and the center console screen. Unlike other cars on the market, the experience inside the Model 3 is a more simple, yet elegant. Instead of having a lot of buttons all over the place, you have only two buttons on the entire dashboard (on the steering wheel) as well the government-required hazard-light switch on the roof.

In terms of the doors, each door has its own release button and window switch. At first, it may feel as if everything is so empty and simple, but once you sit in there for an hour, you will wonder why you’ve ever had to deal with physical dials, screens, and controls. Everything has been shaven down but it’s not too minimal.

Moving out attention to the center console, it’s a 15-inch touchscreen experience. The iPad-like experience on the Model 3 is responsive, vivid, and very user-friendly. When you want to interact with the display, there’s zero input lag and everything is given a responsive immediately, the menu has structure to it so that you’re not lost, and everything is clearly and visibly available.

The navigation system on the Model 3 is powered by Google Maps, and all nearby Tesla Superchargers are made available to you for when you need to charge your vehicle. One of the biggest anxieties that many have about electric cars is the range and how far the car will take them. Well, to make things as transparent as possible, the screen shows you precisely how much battery power or range is available to you on your way to your destination. For example, if your destination is 108 miles away but your car will only reach 80 miles, it will give you those exact numbers as well as provide you with a list of nearby Supercharging stations where you can re-charge your Model 3.

One of the most exciting features of the Model 3 is the fact that any updates you receive will be done via an over-the-air update. When customers provide feedback, whether it’s improvements or a bug needs to be fixed quickly, everything is updated via over-the-air update. This ensures that you have to do minimal while your car takes care of everything else.

The notable letdown is that we don’t see Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration. While features like Bluetooth, HD radio, and Wi-Fi are on-board the Model 3, you don’t have integrations for your smartphone so that you can read your text messages on-the-go, or even have your personal AI in your car read them out to you.

Another feature we’re really excited about is the Autopilot available on the Model 3. Tesla says that it comes with Level 2 autonomous system and should be used for highway driving (to reduce driving fatigue). All we have to say is that it’s incredible and very well put together. Whether it’s raining, day or night, the system is able to find lane markings and keep you going in the safest and most efficient way possible.

In terms of the range, you’ll get anywhere from 260-miles to 310-miles, depending on the configuration you get on your Model 3.


With a great car comes great warranty. Tesla offers a competitive 4-year/50,000-mile new car warranty and 8-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Comparing this with the reliability of the Model S, which Consumer Reports gives an “above average” rating due to all the positive feedback it has received from S owners, you can pretty much expect the same level of reliability from the Model 3.


Tesla’s Model 3 has blown our expectations out of the water. The luxury sports sedan and EV comes with incredible rid equality, convenience, and performance that you can expect from a car made by Tesla. The Model 3 comes with industry-leading driving assistance and infotainment that’s sure to give you an unforgettable driving experience.

While Tesla may be experiencing pains that other automakers have overcome, the company is hard at work to not only build compelling products but also products that are the best on the market in their respective category.

You also no longer have to purchase the higher-end Tesla Model 3 either. The company recently announced the introduction of the lower-tier Model 3 which starts at around $40,000 before tax incentives and gas savings. After, you’re looking at around $35,000 (according to Tesla), if you’re in California. Depending on your state, your price range will vary.


Well, it really depends on your needs. Our recommendation is that you get one. There are also other options on the market like the Chevy Bolt EV that are worth looking into.

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