New leaked photo suggests home button part for iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor

iphone_5s_home_button_sep13One of the most widely expected features to come in the iPhone 5S is the new fingerprint sensor technology.  For month, we have been seeing proof of the next iPhone to host new fingerprint sensor technology.  We have seen codes in iOS 7, also the acquisition of AuthenTec, which specializes in security and fingerprint sensor technology, and now for the first time, we are seeing some physical proof of such technology.

According to a new leak from French blog Nowhereelse.fr, we see a Home button flex cable of the iPhone 5S.  While we don’t exactly see the sensor itself (but a component related to it), we do see the home button design.  As you can see from the picture, the home button is very differently designed from the iPhone 5.  The wires on the right side of the supposed iPhone 5S part seem longer than the iPhone 5 design.

We also see two different versions of the iPhone 5S home button design where the June 2013 version is different from the latest September 2013 version.  Apple perhaps redesigned the home button from the early June design to account for some more space to add the fingerprint sensor under the home button.  Apple is also rumored to be going with a convex-style home button to fit the fingerprint sensor under the home button.

There are many different possibilities that come with fingerprint sensor technology in the iPhone 5S.  First one being that the security with in the phone will be much more tightened.  Instead of using numeric and lettered passwords, you could use your finger as your password to get into the phone.  Another can be for secure mobile payments, and many others.

Apple and several other companies have taken recent criticism over not doing ‘enough’ to provide protection for its customers.  A feature that Apple introduced during WWDC 2013 was Activation Lock.  It’s a very nifty feature, and it did get positive feedback from many folks including government officials.  On a side note, South Korean government has also asked its domestic smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG to include more security for all of their customers.

What are your thoughts?

Hamza Khalid

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