AT&T taking Aio Wireless nationwide starting mid-September

Logo_ChalboardIn recent news, we have seen T-Mobile taking on AT&T by going after their prepaid brand, Aio Wireless.  T-Mobile stated that Aio Wireless color ‘Magenta’ looks too similar to its ‘trademark’ color Magenta.  Now, this may seem laughable, but the company also states that Aio Wireless is tricking customers, and also is seeking profits to be given to them.

Talking about Aio Wireless, AT&T has announced that they will be taking the prepaid brand nationwide.  Since May, when AT&T announced their prepaid company, Aio Wireless service has only been available in select markets, which are Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta markets.  AT&T is looking to change that now.

Aio Wireless launched with three plans, Aio Basic, Aio Smart, and Aio Pro.  The company included $40/$55/$70 tiers pricing with unlimited talk/text and 250MB/2GB/7GB of data.  Just a word of advice, the $55 and $70 plans seem the best bang for the buck to me.

If you’re looking for a phone, the company does sell phones from brands such as Samsung, and ZTE.  You could also bring your own device and get started with the plan of your choice.  This is a great way to save money since you won’t have to pay for any equipment.


Network wise, Aio Wireless customers have only been permitted to use AT&T’s 3G HSPA+ network, however, the company has decided to change its policy.  The company now states that Aio plans are available “with a pre-established amount of high-speed access, including 4G LTE”.  This is very good news for those who are very data hungry, you will be able to enjoy AT&T’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Here’s another sweet deal for you.  Aio Wireless will give you your third month of service free if you activate your Aio (as in ‘All In One) account by September 29, 2014.  This offer applies only to new customers who agree to purchase of two consecutive months of service on a qualifying rate plan.

Are you going to sign up with Aio Wireless?

Hamza Khalid

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