Apple said to be testing 64-bit version of A7 chip for iPhone 5S

iphone5-As we get closer to the launch of the iPhone 5S, some more interesting news has come to light.  The iPhone 5 is already a considerably fast phone, no lagging issues of sort, or breaking down of anything, but with the iPhone 5S, Apple has been been testing something new.

According to Clayton Morris (via Twitter post and 9to5Mac), the Fox News Anchor claims that the Cupertino giant has been testing the A7 chips in the iPhone 5S, resulting in a 31% improvement in speed.  However, there is one major difference in the new testing.  Apple has been testing 64-bit version of the A7 chip.  The iPhone 5 features a A6 dual-core chip, and it seems the company is still going to stick with the dual-core processing category.  Sooner or later, the company may move to quad-core category as new features get introduced that require more processing power.

With the 31% improvement in speed, we would of course expect things on the phone to be processed more smoothly.  The animations, and other features of iOS 7 would be processed at a much faster pace than the predecessor (iPhone 5).  One thing we don’t know is that if the 64-bit processor would make the cut this year. We also have not seen anything with in iOS 7 codes that will give us some insight about any testing of the 64-bit testing.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that eventually, Apple will more entirely to the 64-bit option to help with heavy tasks, such as the new fingerprint sensor technology rumored to be announced in the iPhone 5S.  If not this year, then in 2014, Apple would surely introduce the 64-bit processors.

On top of this, Clayton Morris claims that Apple will also include a dedicated chip for motion tracking.  This plays into the fact that the new camera upgrade in the iPhone 5S will include a new slow motion mode that will capture video at 120 FPS.

Apple is rumored to make the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announcement at September 10 event.  The iPhone 5S will be the premium phone with the latest and fastest technology, and the iPhone 5C being the low-cost budget phone that will include hardware similar to the iPhone 5.

Hamza Khalid

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