Well-known YouTuber Casey Neistat weighs in on iPhone X verdict

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Apple’s iPhone X this year has been a revolutionary phone that’s gotten a lot of mainstream attention. Let me be specific here. The iPhone X has a revolutionary new design that is new to the iPhone lineup. For the last few generations, we’ve seen the iPhone 6 design being used. In addition, Apple decided to go more towards the lifestyle outlets and YouTube personalities for reviews this year instead of just the traditional big newspapers and tech blogs.

YouTube personality Casey Neistat’s verdict is in, and he let Apple hear it. The famous vlogger is a good judge for gadgets like the iPhone X and he’s a good reviewer. After a week of the iPhone X, Casey had time to play with the smartphone, and he’s got a pretty strong opinion.

Casey Neistat’s verdict is that the iPhone X is a great phone, but there isn’t anything groundbreaking. He says that Apple did a great job of providing a better experience to iPhone users, while at the same time also outlining some other new user experience problems that users will run into.

For example, he says that because of the lack of home button, you can’t just get out of the app if the app crashes, and with the way multitasking works now, force-closing an app takes a lot longer. While these aren’t necessarily deal-breakers for the average iPhone user, but it does go to show you how important the home button was and is. He also takes a jab at the iOS notifications by saying how broken they are, and there’s not way to picture-in-picture an app.

Overall, even though Casey Neistat does like the iPhone X, he’s not going to switch from his Note 8 and that’s due to software problems. It is, however, worth mentioning that Casey Neistat is sponsored by Samsung and has been in Samsung commercials. He will also most likely do a camera review for the iPhone X. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out his YouTube video below:

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