Recommendation: Jean-Louis Gassée reflects on Apple and the company’s future

stevejobs11Ever since the release of the iPhone in 2007, the company has been showing substantial growth.  With each iPhone that comes out, the company has improved on several aspects.  The basic, yet true predictions of what Apple may do each year is at the very least upgrade the internals.

For example, with the iPhone every year, we have been seeing faster processing power.  Starting with the iPhone 4, Apple introduced their own lineup of A-series chips.  The A4 chip started it all, moving to A5 in the iPhone 4S, then the A6 in the iPhone 5, and now the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture in the iPhone 5s.

Now with all of these improvements each year, even though the company sells top-quality products like hot cakes, there are always concerns going around.  Investors, analysts and even Apple’s board are always concerned about Apple’s rate of innovation.  This year, the company introduced a new lineup to their iPhone, the iPhone 5c.  Originally thought, the 5c was supposed to be a budget phone, however the company never saw it that way.

Out of all the individuals that show concern about Apple, Jean-Louis Gassée reflects and shares his own opinion about the company in this piece.  One of the biggest concerns is that since Steve Jobs passed away, the company is left without an innovator.  Many people see Tim Cook as the successor of Steve Jobs, and while he has done a great job in keeping the company going, he’s more of a business-minded individual, rather than a person to heavily concentrate on products and innovation of the company.

Here’s a small preview:

I am one of the many who are in Steve’s debt and I miss him greatly. I consider him the greatest creator and editor of products this industry has ever known, and am awed by how he managed the most successful transformation of a company — and of himself — we’ve ever seen. I watched his career from its very beginning, I was fortunate to have worked with him, and I thoroughly enjoyed agreeing and disagreeing with him.

You can read about the piece here.  Let us know what your thoughts are!

Hamza Khalid

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