iFixit has cut prices on its battery replacement kits in response to Apple’s $29 offer

iFixit has cut prices on its battery replacement kits in response to Apple’s $29 offer

If you’re a fan of iFixit or have never heard of them, listen up because there’s some great news for you. The internet’s most popular repository of guides for repairing Apple devices has announced that it’s cutting prices for all available iPhone battery replacement kits from their current price down to $29 or less. The kits usually sell for anywhere between $39 to $49, depending on how recent your iPhone is, but the company is now slashing all prices in response to Apple’s new $29 battery replacement offer.

Apple has started a steep offer on battery replacement due to all the iPhone slowdown issues the company has been dealing with. Normally, battery replacements cost $79 with Apple, but has now discounted it to $29 for those with an iPhone 6 or later. The program starts in late January and runs through December 2018.

So why should you use iFixit? Well, there are several reasons. iFixit offers kits for phones as old as the iPhone 4S and at much cheaper pricing. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, that kit will run your $29, but mostly everything else is going for $24.99, depending on how old your iPhone is. The kits come with a new battery and all the tools you will need to open your iPhone and replace the battery yourself.

The downside, however, is that you’re replacing the battery yourself. When you go to Apple, the price includes professional installation, whereas if you open the phone yourself and end up messing something up, you’re pretty much out of luck and hav dot take care of any and all damages yourself.

If you’re looking for a cheap battery replacement option, you shouldn’t look further than iFixit. This move makes sense for iFixit because if prices for their DIY kits stayed high, they wouldn’t be able to compete very well with Apple since the iPhone maker is offering battery replacements now for $29 (at least for 2018). To stay competitive and have an edge, iFixit slashed prices of its iPhone DIY kits. Currently, we don’t know if the company plans to keep prices permanent or if this is a temporary discounted promotion.

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