Footage of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leaks on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube

Footage Of ‘avengers: Endgame’ Leaks On Reddit, Twitter And Youtube

Disney has been trying hard to keep Avengers: Endgame under wraps as its blockbuster film hits theaters next week. Unfortunately, several minutes of blurry Avengers: Endgame footage leaked on multiple platforms. The leaked footage reveals significant plot details, and GIFs, descriptions and screenshots are spreading across the internet on platforms like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

There's been a lot of hype and anticipation around Avengers: Endgame, that's for sure. This is why Disney has been very careful when revealing information about the movie. Critics and press have not seen the film either, and it's safe to say that everyone that worked in production of the movie signed strict non-disclosure agreements. While critics have not seen the movie, Disney has shown 10 minutes of footage in the US and about 20 minutes in South Korea.

If you don't want to ruin your movie-going experience, you can mute related keywords on Twitter in the Muted section of the Privacy and Safety settings. In addition, you can install a browser extension allowing you to cover up content related to certain terms on whichever website you may visit. The last resort would be to just avoid platforms like YouTube and Reddit altogether until after the movie.

If you do come across some leaked footage, it shouldn't ruin your movie experience. The leak doesn't show any massive details, nor should the movie take a hit in the box office. The movie shattered many pre-sale records and fans crashed ticket sites of many movie theaters.

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