Apple temporarily closes 24-hour Fifth Avenue store because of bed bugs

Apple Temporarily Closes 24-hour Fifth Avenue Store Because Of Bed Bugs

Well, there's some bad news for shoppers that go to Apple's 24-hour Fifth Avenue store in New York City. According to a report from New York Post, staff were ordered to double bag their belongings after a bed bug was spotted in a manager's office. Apparently, bed bugs were spotted as early as three to four weeks ago, but the Apple Store didn't take it seriously until last Friday.

When a bug was found on the table, the table was isolated and an exterminator was brought in the take care of the issue. During a separate incident, an overnight employee found a bed bug on her sweater and took a video of it, which was shared among hundreds of staff members. Because of the video circulation, the 365-days and 24 hours a day Apple Store closed its doors for six hours in the middle of the night. An exterminator was brought in to take care of the problem.

After the issue was taken care of, store management were informed that the threat was over. Seeing bed bugs shouldn't really come as a surprise, although it was a surprise to some in the spotless clean appearance that's seen in Apple Stores. EPA notes that bed bugs aren't attracted to grime and dirt. They are attracted to blood, warmth and carbon dioxide. Since the Fifth Avenue Apple Store gets millions of visitors per year, there are bound to be some bed bug attraction too, am I right?

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