Tesla loses head of electric powertrain to Apple

Tesla Loses Head Of Electric Powertrain To Apple

Apple just made quite a significant hired. The company has hired Michael Schwekutsch, the Tesla Vice President overseeing electric powertrains. He will work at apple as a Senior Director of Engineering at the Special Project Group, the division that includes driveless vehicles.

There is no mention of what Schwekutsch will be doing at Apple. Although, based on his experience and title, he may be working on a potential car project with the company. Electrek notes that Schwekutsch has significant experience in leading the development of electric powertrains, and that's not just at Tesla. He has played significant roles in the second-generation Roadster and the Semitruck. In addition, he contributed to the BMW i8, Fiat 500e and Porsche 918 Spyder, among other EVs.

Just because Apple made this hire does not mean the company is back to making an electric car. It's believed that Apple is partnering with VW on autonomous shuttles that would bring employees between its offices. Having Schwekutsch contribute on this project would be significant.

This is quite an unusual hire, but it does give us some indication of what Apple might have in store for the future. One thing is for sure: Apple surely believes in Schwekutsch and the impactful work he is doing.

Hamza Khalid

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