Tesla’s electric Semi trucks will be competitively priced at $150,000

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Tesla's unveiled Semi trucks that are grabbing the attention of many, especially the trucking industry. The four-motor truck will have a 500-mile range and come with some self-driving capabilities. One thing we didn't hear from Elon Musk was the price of the trucks. That's been revealed now.

The regular version of the Semi truck with 300-mile range will cost $150,000 each and the Semi truck with 500-mile range will cost $180,000 each. There's also a “Founders Series” that will cost you $200,000 per truck. Tesla also said that prices are “expected” which gives the company some room to work with if they want to increase or decrease the prices of the trucks.

If these prices stick, Tesla will cause a series disruption in the trucking industry. Right now, a long-haul diesel truck costs around $120,000 and on top fo that costs hundreds and thousands of dollars to maintain and operate each year. That's money companies would like to save and that's where Tesla's all-electric Semi trucks come in. Tesla claims that the truck will provide more than $200,000 in fuel savings over the span of the truck's life, a number that many companies are happy to see.

Companies with fleets of trucks are already showing interest in Tesla's all-electric Semi truck. Companies such as NFI Industries, Bison Transport and Hunt Transport Services have all been reserving trucks with Tesla. Even retailers like Meijer, Loblaw, and Walmart have reserved trucks. Tesla's Semis are expected to reach production in 2019.

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