Tesla unveils the Model Y crossover

Tesla unveils the Model Y

After much teasing, Elon Musk took the stage at its design studio in Hawthorne, California, to unveil the Model Y. The Model Y is a smaller SUV version of its Model X, to better put it.

The first car ever made, Tesla's Roadster, started the journey in February 2008 to bring where Tesla is today. As of today, Tesla has made over 550,000 cars and is very proud of their milestone. After the Roadster, Tesla moved to bring the Model S to the market, a full-sized sedan that everyone loved.

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After the Model S, it worked to bring the full-sized SUV, the Model X. That's where the company was working to bring a more budget model to the market. After years of work, it finally brought everyone the Model 3, Tesla's most affordable electric car to date. Even though it took some time to bring the promised $35,000 base level Model 3, it did finally deliver. We also can't forget about the company'y Tesla Semi-truck offering.

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