Tesla expecting for Model Y to arrive in 2020

Well, Tesla‘s upcoming Model Y has been quite the mystery. So far, we know that it's a crossover EV, may not come with mirrors, and that's really all we know. Now, company CEO Elon Musk has given some details about Model Y's production goals. In a conference call, he said that the vehicle production will likely start in 2020 and doing so will have a “manufacturing revolution,” but fell short on providing any further details.

Keeping mystery around the vehicle means that the hype around it stays high, which is what Tesla wants. Giving as little detail as possible and snippets here and there gives Tesla an advantage and all the hype they need to launch Model Y with a bang.

Model Y was originally slated for 2019 release, but was pushed back to 2020 so that Tesla can work on an entirely new production platform. Right now, the company struggles with production. For example, with Model 3, the company continues to see production issues and has been for months. It wanted to have a goal of 5,000 vehicles per weekly, but has fell well short of that so far. The company hopes that it will soon be on track to delivering 5,000 per week. To help avoid issues with Model Y production, the company is taking a very specific and cautious approach, which is another reason why it pushed back to 2020 for Model Y release.

Hamza Khalid

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