Fornite now the biggest free-to-play game on console of all time

The game Fornite has seen a lot of success in recent years, especially in the last several months. The game is enjoying an incredible wave of positive publicity from everyone including celebrities, and is already winning the Battle Royals war against rival game PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.

According to recent information from SuperData research, it suggests that Fornite is the biggest free-to-play game on console ever. No, you didn't reach those words incorrectly. SuperData shows that the month of March was the game's biggest month yet, generating $223 million in revenue, which is a 73 percent month-on-month increase.

Fornite is a Battle Royals game that's available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation and recently launched on mobile devices. It's free-to-play, meaning that it gives players access to a good amount of content without having to pay for it, and the game makes money through micro-transactions that allows users to purchase in-game currency to upgrade their characters.

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