Apple’s latest ad apparently shows iOS 11 bugs

Apple’s latest ad apparently shows iOS 11 bugs

For whatever reason Apple decided to sign off on this, we're quite surprised. In Apple's latest iPhone ad, there's a little animation bug that you may or may not have missed. It occurs right at the end of a slickly produced commercial, where the text from a iMessage scapes the animated bubble it's supposed to stay inside of. While this is a minor bug, the fact that it's captured and shown in a high profile ad just goes to show there are many bugs and issues in iOS 11.

Benjamin Mayo over at 9to5Mac spotted the bug in Apple's latest ad. If you read his reaction, he's surprised “that this was signed off for the commercial,” especially since he apparently highlighted it several months ago and filed a bug report with Apple.

This bug is one of many quirks in iOS 11, including strange UI issues in the Music app, regularly misaligned text in the App Store, rotation issues, and vanishing dock.


You can easily dismiss these types of issues since they aren't related to security, frankly, they all add up to a frustrating experience on iOS 11. For years now, Chris Pirillo has been documenting iOS animation bugs, and highlighted the many bugs that have sneaked their way into iOS recently. “iOS has been performing in an inexplicably jarring manner since iOS 7,” says Pirillo in an open letter to Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi. “Iterations don’t seem to help much, major or minor. Frame drops are now par for the course — irritations that we once slammed Android for.”

Needless to say, the quality assurance management for iOS needs to be stepped up. These bugs showing all the time shows poor reliability and performance, though iOS 12 sounds quite promising with better reliability and performance.

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