2018 Mazda6 receives some nice upgrades for not a lot more money

2018 Mazda6 receives some nice upgrades for not a lot more money

One of the first thoughts that comes to mind is what will happen to the price when a car maker introduces some new feature. Pricing is something that's always in our mind and it's the same case for the 2018 Mazda6. So for the newest Mazda6 model, we're going to dive into the price model.

The entry-level Mazda6 Sport will be going up by $5 over the 2017.5 model. That's essentially nothing, frankly. For that five extra dollars, you get a whole lot of upgrades like standard automatic emergency braking, Mazda Connect infotainment and LED headlights and taillights. Those are some pretty nifty upgrades.

For those of you who are into the Touring trim level, the price has been increased by $3,750. The Touring gets read-seat HVAC, leather seating, 19-inch wheels, keyless entry and the six-speed automatic transmission is the standard equipment.

The Grand Touring model of the Mazda6 starts at $29,200, and that cash gets you into the Skyactiv-G 2.5T turbocharged engine and its dynamic pressure turbocharger. While we've felt Mazda6 to be one of the best-driving sedans in its class, it has always felt a little powered down, but the dynamic pressure turbo found in this model will surely bring you a lot of power at the pedal.

Talking about the last option called Signature, it was previously only available on the CX-9, but for $34,750, you can get Napa leather, Japanese Sen wood, and Ultrasuede. You will also get a 360-degree camera, a configurable TFT gauge panel, parking sensors and a pretty cool frameless rear view mirror.

All in all, the 2018 Mazda6 did not disappointed, honestly. Comparing the car's cost to the value, even at the higher trim levels, it's still a great bargain. Premium doesn't mean it has to cost a fortune and be boring. The Sport trim model will still have the six-speed manual transmission when it hits dealer showrooms next month. Will you check it out?

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