Netflix will be making the final season of ‘House of Cards,’ but without Kevin Spacey

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If you're a fan of House of Cards, we've got some good news for you. Netflix just confirmed that it will be moving forward with making the final season of House of Cards, but without Kevin Spacey in the picture. It will start filming the final season in 2018.

As reported by Reuters, the final season will have eight episodes in it. The sixth season of House of Cards was originally expected to air in summer of 2018, but since production has already been delayed and the number of rewrites needed, it's expected that the show will air sometime late 2018 or early 2019.

It all started when actor Anthony Rapp made public accusations of sexual abuse against Kevin Spacey, who plays the lead role of Frank Underwood in Netflix's House of Cards. Spacey offered a half apology in a statement after the allegations, but wasn't quite far enough to admit guilty.

After Rapp's accusations, many others have come forward accusing Spacey of sexual harassment on previous shoots and even during the House of Cards shooting. According to a CNN report, eight crew members came forward saying that Spacey was “predatory” during shoots of House of Cards. One assistant even said that Spacey assaulted him during shooting.

After these accusations came forward, Netflix immediately cut off ties with Kevin Spacey and dropped him entirely. It parted ways with him and House of Cards is now moving forward without him.

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