Holiday Gift Guide: 5 awesome gifts for your Mom and dad

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It's that time of the year again! Your parents may get everyone else gifts, but they should also get some awesome gifts too. Before you busy out that wallet and try to make a few purchase, you'll need to figure out what to get your parents. If you're in the same boat as many are at this time of year, you're not alone!

Many parents generally like to get something they can use for a long time. Whether it's an eReader, a book, or even some headphones, getting your Mom and Dad something awesome and useful will surely bring an even wider smile.

In this edition of Jolt Journal Holiday Gift Guide, we will go over 5 awesome gifts you can get for your parents.

1) Kindle Oasis

Whether your parents like to read in their bath time or while laying on the couch, Amazon's waterproof Kindle (FINALLY!) is a good option. Kindle Oasis is just as good as other Kindle options, with the added perk that it won't break if it falls in the bathtub.

The price sits at $250, which is a bit expensive, but if your Mom and Dad are going to be using it for a long time, it's worth an investment, yes?

2) Battery pack for that extra juice on-the-go

Don't you just hate those moments when you're using your phone and all of a sudden you get notified that your battery is below 10%? You're not alone. Especially on those long family trips, having an external battery pack to provide your Mom and Dad with the extra juice they need for their GPS is super important (among other things, right?).

That's where the Anker PowerCore battery pack comes in. With the price point of $60, it's a really good and affordable external battery pack option that comes with USB, USB-C, and plenty of juice to recharge even the beefiest of phones (or their devices) 4 to 5 times. Give it a shot!

3) Give your Mom and Dad an assistant

With all the voice assistants out there, choosing the right one can be tricky. Whether your Mom needs some measuring help in the kitchen or your Dad needs some advice in the garage, Google and Amazon can surely bring them some help.

There's the Amazon Echo, (or Echo Dot), and there's also Google Home (or Google Home Mini) that will do great no matter the place. It's your personal preference if you'd like to use Amazon's ecosystem or use Google's ecosystem. If your Mom and Dad have Android phones, maybe they will keep more comfortable with Google Home or Google Home Mini.

If your Mom and Dad love music and have some spare cash, then getting them a year-long subscription of of Spotify. Letting your Mom and Dad listen to their favorite music or documentaries (or anything really) will surely make them remember their gift.

Your parents can have their own playlists, libraries, and even have some spots leftover for your siblings. Getting the family plan with Spotify is the best way to go.

5) Amazon Prime membership for Mom and Dad

If your Mom and Dad like to shop on Amazon a lot (mine do!), then getting them an Amazon Prime account might be a good idea. Mom and Dad can sign into their account and take advantage of the free Prime shipping.

Whether she orders a few clothing pieces or your he wants to order a new tool box kit, they can be at your house quickly with the help of Prime shipping. Best of all, there will be other goodies included like Amazon Prime video, and much more!

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