Here’s how to find out if your ISP is secretly throttling your internet speed

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Even though a Title II classification of ISPs as common carriers was a victory for many of us, there are a lot of growing concerns that ISPs have found and will find new clever ways to circumvent regulations. Even though stepping outside the boundaries of Title II classification will bring heavy fines and further regulation by the FCC, ISPs, for the most part, will find clever ways to do things on their end where the consumer won't be able to notice much of a difference.

So how exactly will you find out if your ISP is secretly throttling your internet speed? There's a neat tool called ‘Internet Health Test‘ by Battle for the Net. This nifty tool will attempt to bring checks and balances for these ISPs by bringing more power to the consumer.

In order to find out if you're experience any degradation and throttling of your internet, all you need to do is click THIS link (or the one above) and head on over to the Internet Health Test website.

Once you're on their website, all you have to do is press the “Start the test” button and the test of your internet health will begin. If there are any issues regarding your internet, you will be alerted of any degradation or problems. Take a look at some screenshots below.

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