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Breaking: If the first time wasn’t enough, Equifax has been hacked again

It seems Equifax still has a security problem and won’t gain the public’s trust any time soon. According to Ars Technica, Equifax has been hacked, again. Independent security analyst Randy Abrams told Ars that he was redirected to He was met with a Flash download when he went to to contest a false info on his credit report.

The fake Flash installer tricks people into downloading something Symantec identifies as Adware.Eorezo. It’s an adware that fills Internet Explorer with advertisements. We’ve tried to replicate the issue but have not been able to confirm from our end. Abrams said he encountered the problem on three separate visits and even captured the instances on video:

The Jolt Journal has reached out to Equifax to see if they’ve cleaned up the adware issue. For right now though, don’t click on any random Flash installer that pops up on the company website. This definitely isn’t a better look for the company, nor was the company expecting to have another stunt happen so soon.

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