FCC has extended net neutrality comment period by two weeks

If you want to file for your comment to FCC on Net Neutrality, you are now being given an extra two weeks. FCC plans to completely get rid of net neutrality fairly soon, and if you haven't spoken out, you should now. The commission has extended the date to August 30th.

The extension was given by FCC in response to group efforts. 10 groups in total have asked for more time to response. Originally, the groups were looking for an additional eight weeks, but FCC only granted an additional two weeks. That's more in line with what the FCC generally gives.

The two week extension now gives consumers two weeks to file “reply comments,” which basically means that you are able to comment on the first phase period, which ended in July.

Even without this extra period, the proposal to end Total II net neutrality was already the biggest attention-getter in FCC history at a whopping 20 million fillings. On the contrary, the proposal to create net neutrality rules and put into effect Title II only had 3.7 million replies.

Hamza Khalid

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