Apps crash twice as much on iPhone 5s than on iPhone 5

iphone-5s-official9:45 AM – Apple's new iPhones and new iOS 7 software has brought both positive and negative attention.  There have been many users who did not hesitate to update to iOS 7, but there are also those who refused to update to iOS 7 for several reasons.  While iOS 7 has performed well on all devices that are supported (questionable on iPhone 4), according to a new report from Crittercism (via AllThingsD), “programs crash about two percent on the iPhone 5s, as compared to just under one percent on both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5s introduced a completely new architecture, the 64-bit system.  The new software has brought a lot of cool changes, but on the iPhone 5s, there are still a lot of problems that Apple needs to fix.  The first is apps crashing twice as much on the iPhone 5s.

You may blame developers for not updating their apps for the new 5s and its 64-bit chip, but know this first.  Even though iOS 7 was made available to developers months in advance, they did not have access to iPhone 5s hardware.  Since previous iPhones share the same platform, developers were able to update their apps without a problem.

Now what about the iPhone 5c?  The 5c shares the same internals as the iPhone 5, the reason why it doesn't suffer from the same problem that the 5s is currently facing.

Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy says that “anytime there is new hardware or software release, we see issues,” and “inevitably, over time, those issues get resolved.”  He is right, after all.  Whenever there is new hardware, it takes a bit of time for everyone to adapt.  In this case, Apple introduced a whole new system to which developers have to adopt, which may take some time.  Some companies like Epic Games have had access to the hardware ahead of time for their Infinity Blade games, which is why they were able to demonstrate the power of the 5s at the unveiling event last month.

Apple knows about the current issues and is working to fix them with upcoming update(s).  What do you think?

Hamza Khalid

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