Want free texting and calling? Scratch Wireless has an offer for you

scratch-wireless10:35 AM – These days, we pay hundreds of dollars to our wireless company so we can use our smartphone.  That’s a lot of money when you think about it, especially when you are tied down in a 2-year contract.  You don’t necessarily have to be in contract plans to have wireless service, which is why consumers also look towards prepaid options.  Though even prepaid can be costly sometimes.  This is where a certain company comes in.

Scratch Wireless aims to offer world’s first free mobile service, launching today.  How exactly?  Are there any gimmicks?  Hidden charges?  The answer to those questions is no.  It’s pretty straight forward.  The company said that they will provide free texting and calling with the use from WiFi.

How does the company manage this?  The company has managed to come up with a special OS version, based on Android platform.  The modified OS pushes the phone to connect to WiFi for almost everything — calls, text and data.  The company currently has only one phone with the modified OS, which is the Motorola Photon Q.  The cost of the phone is $269 and is currently the only phone being offered.  Scratch Wireless currently uses Sprint’s network, and with only one phone being offered, that’s the limit currently set.  However, company CEO Alan Berrey has promised that there are more devices in the work that support Sprint’s network.

Now if you’re not connected to WiFi, then there will be charges, but not as high as you may think.  Scratch Wireless has a partnership with Sprint where they will offer $1.99 per day charge for up to 30 minutes of cell calls and another $1.99 per day for up to 25MB of data.  Additionally, there is also a monthly $14.99 pass for either 250 minutes of voice calls or 200MBs of data.  If you’re a mild to low end user, this could be perfect for you.  If you’re a student that stays on the campus, for example, you’re always around WiFi.  This would be a great way to use the service and have very low expenses for wireless service.

Of course adding all of these charges is all optional.  There are no contracts as this is month-to-month, so you can cancel charged service anytime you want.  Scratch Wireless promises customers that text messaging is always on and free.

CEO Alan Berry says that “there’s no unnecessary cost with us.”  He continues on to say that “we have no towers, no FCC, no leasing locations to deal with.”  This is a good way of doing business seeing as there’s less headaches for the company, and that benefit extends to customers.

Here’s a promo video you can watch.  Let us know what you think.


Hamza Khalid

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