Study: New study suggests mobile web use has doubled since 2009

Smartphone-UsersThese days, you see a cell phone in everyone’s hands.  The world seems to be getting smaller as the days pass, all thanks to the ability of having mobile web access at the tip of our fingers.  Mobile phones have made it very easy for people to browse on the internet, whether you’re looking up for an answer to a question, looking for a wallpaper, or just reading news.

According to a new study from Pew Internet & American Life Project, mobile web use has doubled since 2009.  The study states that “six in ten cell phone owners (63%) now go online using their mobile phones, an eight-point increase from the 55% of cell owners who did so at a similar point in 2012 and a two-fold increase over the 31% who did so in 2009.”  The study says that these users are “cell internet users.”

Mobile web use is more common amongst minorities.  Study claims that three-quarters of African-American and 68% of Hispanic phone owners are going online from their phones, while just 59% of white phone owners are doing the same.  Surprisingly, 91% of American adults have cell phones and a little more than half of those are smartphones.


Smartphones have taken over many peoples’ lives.  Users are increasingly becoming dependent on their smartphones to make their lives easier, to make communication easier, and get information whenever they want.

Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook have also had a major impact on how much mobile web data people use to interact.  With the introduction of Long Term Evolution (LTE), data speeds have increased a lot.  These days, LTE speeds are much faster than traditional internet at home.  Patience are usually running thin when it comes to getting things done these days, so people like to have access to information as fast as possible.  What better way to get the information than taking out your smartphone from your pocket and using that Google app or Safari?

Aside from network speeds, smartphone are being beefed up every year.  With companies introducing quad-core processors, 2-3 GB RAM, and so many other new features that the smartphone trend is starting to take over the world.  In countries like United States, smartphones are very common.  Wireless carriers such as T-Mobile introduced the early upgrade program “JUMP”, where you can upgrade your device once a year for a small monthly fee, this makes you want to upgrade to newer devices each year.  The latest hardware allows you to have faster speeds.

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Hamza Khalid

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