Razer Phone 2: Review Roundup

If you remember, Razer’s first gaming-focused phone was a decent hit. The new device, Razer Phone 2, is not only flashier and more beautiful than the original, there are also some key improvements to the device.

While the gaming on the phone is the biggest attraction, critics have pulled apart the device to see what’s good on it and what needs further attention. We too believe that while the Razer Phone 2 provides a lot of attention to gaming and other details, there are several things Razer should improve on for its next flagship model.

If you’re interested, you can order the device right now for $799.

What Critics Have To Say

The Verge

The Verge’s Stefan Etienne goes in-depth to provide some details on the device, and ultimately, argues that Razer’s gaming specs don’t make it a good phone.

“What Razer wants you to believe is that the Phone 2 is a great phone and the best gaming phone. But only one of those things is true.” – Stefan Etienne, The Verge

The Positive:

  • “The Phone 2 looks and feels like a premium device, though. The rear panel is glass now, which is required for wireless charging, and its build quality is solid.”
  • “The fluidity between home screens, scrolling through webpages or Instagram, and watching content move cleanly across the screen is almost a spectacle.”

The Negative:

  • “The Razer Phone 2 doesn’t have the camera chops to displace any of the new iPhone XS or Pixel 3 models.”

Android Police

While the Razer Phone is a good device, Rose Behar of Android Police says that there are few areas that could be better overall.

“The Razer Phone 2 is an excellent phone, but it doesn’t tick every box just yet.” – Rose Behar, Android Police

The Positive:

  • “While it may seem like hyperbole, the screen’s 120Hz refresh rate is nothing short of mind-blowing. When you switch on the setting (it’s set to 90Hz by default), the display can change its image at as much as 120 frames per second.”
  • “When I’m just doing daily phone activities like browsing, calling, and messaging, it’ll last me over a day, which is great compared to many powerhouse flagships.”

The Negative:

  • “I will note that I have quite small hands and wrists, but even people with larger hands than mine found it large, angular, and heavy (36 grams heavier than the Pixel 3 XL, to be precise).”


Dean Takahashi, in his review on VentureBeat, said that the Razer Phone 2 is a great sell for gamers interested, but it’s not very appealing to anyone else. It’s a tough sell to the mass mobile market.

“There are some trade-offs that Razer makes on things such as camera quality, and perhaps that’s why it can’t command as high a price as Apple can.” – Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

The Positive:

  • “The green Razer logo lights up on the back when it’s in use, as the phone can now handle Razer Chroma’s 16.8 million color lighting options. One of the cool uses of this feature is that the phone can glow in different colors, based on the kind of visual notification it is sending you.”
  • “Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+ allows users to charge the phone from a flat battery to 50 percent charge within 30 minutes.”

The Negative:

  • “It does not have face unlock or 3D face recognition, while Apple’s new X series phones come with FaceID, which is an easy way to unlock your phone. You’re also going to have to be careful about security risks for things such as sideloading (important for games like Fortnite on Android), as Android hacks are not that enjoyable and frequent.”
  • “The new phone has a different camera, in response to feedback from fans who weren’t entirely pleased with the first one. Even so, the Razor Phone 2’s rear-facing camera doesn’t shoot pictures as well as the iPhone XS Max.”


Patrick Holland of CNET believes that while the phone is good, the few subpar features undermine the phone’s real potential.

“A short battery life and just OK photos undermine what is otherwise an amazing phone.” – Patrick Holland, CNET

The Positive:

  • “The squared-edges are reminiscent of the iPhone 5 and fit well in my hand, especially in landscape orientation.

The Negative:

  • “There were times in portrait mode where the camera app froze or was laggy.”
  • “The original Razer lasted 11 hours and 32 minutes, which wasn’t that great either considering other phones with a battery this large last 15 hours or more.”

Don’t worry though, we’re working on a full in-depth review of the Razer Phone 2 and will release it for your reading pleasures soon.

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