ISPs try to convince everyone that the death of Net Neutrality won’t hurt

internet-address11:30 AM — On Tuesday, U.S. appeals court killed Net Neutrality rules.  This has caused an uproar amongst consumers and companies alike.  Many people are concerned that with net neutrality now dead, ISPs now have additional power to control not only companies but customers as well.  Others believe that the ruling will ultimately lead to the downfall of the internet as we know it today.  It gives service providers freedom to squeeze money out of companies looking to give their services an edge by allotting them additional bandwidth that standard service will not enjoy.

VerizonIn order to calm the nerves of many, ISPs have issued statements.  Basically, what they are saying is that even though net neutrality rules are dead, it will not hurt anyone.  The Verge managed to gather up some responses from other ISPs.  Below, you can read many of the responses the companies have issued.

Comcast executive vice president David Cohen:

[quote]Comcast has consistently supported the Commission’s Open Internet Order as an appropriate balance of protection of consumer interests while not interfering with companies’ network management and engineering decisions. As a result, we agreed in the NBCUniversal Transaction Order to abide by the Open Internet rules for seven years even if the rules were modified by the courts. We remain comfortable with that commitment because we have not – and will not – block our customers’ ability to access lawful Internet content, applications, or services. Comcast’s customers want an open and vibrant Internet, and we are absolutely committed to deliver that experience.

We are committed to work with Chairman Wheeler and the Commission to play a constructive role in finding an appropriate regulatory balance going forward that will continue to allow the Internet to flourish. Given the DC Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the FCC has jurisdiction in the broadband arena to preserve and facilitate the innovation that has driven the Internet, we are optimistic that the Commission can accomplish this result while avoiding inappropriate common carrier regulation.[/quote]

Time Warner Cable issued statement:

[quote]Since pioneering the development of high-speed broadband service in the late 1990s, Time Warner Cable has been committed to providing its customers the best service possible, including unfettered access to the web content and services of their choice. This commitment, which long precedes the FCC rules, will not be affected by today’s court decision.[/quote]

AT&T’s senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs Jim Cicconi:

[quote]AT&T has been committed to the open Internet since our endorsement of the FCC’s statement of Internet freedoms in 2004. We worked constructively to help craft the FCC’s net neutrality rule, and testified in support of it in the Congress. As the FCC assesses the impact of today’s court decision, AT&T can assure all of our customers and stakeholders that our commitment to protect and maintain an open Internet will not change.[/quote]

Statement from Verizon:

[quote]Today’s decision will not change consumers’ ability to access and use the Internet as they do now. The court’s decision will allow more room for innovation, and consumers will have more choices to determine for themselves how they access and experience the Internet. Verizon has been and remains committed to the open Internet that provides consumers with competitive choices and unblocked access to lawful websites and content when, where, and how they want. This will not change in light of the court’s decision.

We look forward to working with the FCC and Congress to keep the Internet a hub of innovation without the need for unnecessary new regulations that seek to manage the explosive dynamism of the Internet.[/quote]

It’s worth noting that many of these companies already charge some pretty hefty fees.  Companies such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast are amongst the most hated in the United States.  They are continuously charging their customers high fees and imposing new fees on a daily basis.  They go as far as to even automatically change up some services so they can charge more.  Practices like these don’t go without getting noticed.  You can’t really blame companies and people alike for being concerned, you know?  What do you think?

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