Aribnb: A dream come true for vacationer

4:52 I am sure many of you love to travel and go on vacation. You love to visit wonderful places and post the pics to your Instagram and Facebook wall.Now, when you are on vacation or visiting a place you stay at hotels. There is always concern about the cost of stay. You want to reduce the cost of stay and more expend on travel and going to places. Well, there is great solution for this concern with added advantage. How about living in traditional home when you vist a historic place? Would you like to live in home of people to whom you have never met before in life. Would like to stay in a home with shared room in as low as $15?.
And how would you like to stay with nature in well decorated van like a true traveller in $142(See the image below)


All great places like these for temporary stay are accessible through a great traveler website called Airbnb. The website is designed so aptly that it gives the user most out it. It has almost everything what a user needs. The search starts from homepage. You just enter the place and date where you want to go. Then it gives the result of the places where you can stay at very affordable cost. You can even input the number of people visiting. This helps in displaying user the appropriate results.Actually, there are three categories where you can select the type of place. You can choose the shared room, private room or a whole house if you are 4-5 people or a big family. Great isnt it? This is not where the search stops . You can also filter the price range and the location of house. For example, you want a house for 5 people in Austin near the 6th street with rent/day below $100. It will show the result if the house is available.


There is profile for people who offers the house. You can contact them and make the reservations in advance just like the hotels. The profile will also have the detail information about the place and rules and restrictions, if any. Few days ago I wanted to visit Dallas. I actually found a place with price of $15/day+Airbnb fee. It was a shared room in an apartment. I didn’t visit the place but reviews were very good.Yes, this is another great thing that people write the reviews which are helpful for future travelers. Overall, this is a great place for traveler and a nomad. I am gonna use this for coming spring break vacation.

Hamza Khalid

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