Uber currently testing 24/7 hotline support for most frequent riders

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Uber is currently conducting some experiments to see whether its most frequent riders would use a 24/7 support feature. First reported by TechCrunch, it involved a hotline and an in-app feature staffed by “specially trained experts” that are available to answer any and all questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no questions asked. For frequent riders, this may be something they’re looking towards having. Not only that, this is a good way for Uber to maintain some quality control over services and experience.

The pilot, launched last week, are being tested with a small portion of Uber’s most frequent riders. It’s safe to assume that these “frequent” riders have a lot of miles racked up in their account and have spent thousands of dollars with Uber. Basically, Uber decided to choose those that have spent top-dollars with them, showed loyalty, and continue to support the company. TechCrunch’s Josh Constance got the feature enabled as “a thank you for riding 10,633 miles with Uber.” This is what popped up in the app for him. It’s probably safe to assume that the threshold is most likely around 10,000 miles or higher.

Over the years, Uber has opted to phase out phone and email support in favor of in-app assistance features. Previously, Uber shut down its support email address, which was used by both drivers and passengers. The email was replaced by an in-app support feature for both drivers and passengers. Even thought the email is being phased out, Uber is supposedly still maintaining a secret 1-800 number, for emergencies only, of course. That number in particular is only available in 22 cities and was intended for non-911 emergencies.

Uber has been hard at work to change and revolutionize itself. These past few months and years have been rough on the company and it’s slowly recovering. Uber has been increased competition from Lyft, it’s making sure to provide more value and services for its most frequent riders and spenders. The company even recently launched its own Uber-branded credit card, in partnership with Barclays, that allows users to earn points when they ride with Uber. It’s a great way to earn some great rewards, and it’s also a good way for Uber to give more value to its users.

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