How to make sure your packages don’t get stolen off your porch

When you’re buying everything online and having things delivered to your home, one of the main dangers is having your packages stolen. While you’re not at home or even while you’re at home, those packages that are left on your porch are an easy target for “porch pirates” because they will at times follow the delivery trucks around to pick up packages that are dropped off. This is a serious problems for online shoppers.

According to Comcast Xfinity Home survey, around 30 percent of Americans say they have had their package stolen from outside their house. So what exactly can you do to prevent this from happening? How can you make sure those thieves don’t get your packages? We’re going to give you different options to choose from.

Search For An Amazon Locker Near You

The option to have your package dropped off at an Amazon Locker near you could be just what you need. The company has lockers set up in high-profile locations (such as Whole Foods and other department stores) where packages can be dropped off. When your packages are delivered, you will receive the combination to the locker so that you can get your package.

Install a BoxLock

You’re probably wondering what a BoxLock is, right? Well, it’s a smart padlock that will open only after a package is scanned. Once the driver scans, the locker will open up to put the package inside the storage container.

The thing here is that you must provide the box; BoxLock will handle the package scanning and connectivity. Everything happens over Wi-Fi, and the lock checks the bar code to make sure that it’s the box you’re expecting and a package that was tagged “out for delivery.” If all of this is the case, then the box will open for the delivery driver to put the package inside the box for you.

If you’re interested in BoxLock, you will need to pay a price for it. It costs $129 and you will have to wait to get it because it just started shipping a few weeks ago.

Have Your Packages Delivered At Your Office or Business

If you don’t trust packages to be delivered to your house, the other better option and arguably safer is to have them delivered to your office or business.

If you work in a large building or a safer workplace, you can have your boxes delivered. What you need to keep in mind is that if your workplace has a mailroom, boxes may get misplaced in between desks or in different locations. This practice isn’t uncommon, but one thing to definitely keep in mind is that delivery trucks at times deliver late in the day, and your office building could potentially be closed at the time, leaving the packages either being returned or left in an open area.

Sign Up For Delivery Alerts

If you’re not at home on the day your packages are to be delivered because you have to take your son or daughter to soccer practice, or because you’re spending time with family at lunch, the best thing to keep up-to-date through delivery alerts. Through delivery alerts, you’ll be able to keep track of when your package is on its way or when it was dropped off.

Now is the best opportunity for you up for delivery alerts. For example, Amazon will notify you via text message when your package is shipped, out for delivery and delivered. If there is an issue along the way, the company will keep you informed.

If you’re interested in this option, you can go to your Amazon account settings, click on Email alerts, messages and ads section, then click on Shipment updates via text, and then finally click on Subscribe.

If you’re interested in receiving alerts through USPS, you can sign up for a service called Informed Delivery. Through this service, you receive packaging-tracking options. When your package is shipped to your address using a USPS tracking number, you can have the option to receive email or text notification for your package delivery.

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