Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi sets some new rules for the troubled company

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi inherited quite the mess when he took things over in the company. Uber has faced issues from legal troubles down to internal employee harassment problems. In an effort to reset the company’s values, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has set some new rules in place for the entire company, according to a new report from Recode.

In the new rules, here’s something that catches eyes fairly quickly: “We do the right thing. Period.”

Former CEO Travis Kalanick may have turned Uber into the giant it is today, but he was ousted due to multiple issues. Khosrowshahi is now trying to hit a reset button when it comes to the culture and values of the company. The company has continiously faced regulatory issues, especially where London refused to renew its license.

Uber CEO Khosrowshahi is setting some new “culture norms” that he wants to embed into the company. More than 1,200 ideas were submitted and were voted on 22,000, provided by two dozen focus groups of employees. The focus of the new values is heavily focused on customers, drivers, and others.

For example: “We celebrate differences. We stand apart from the average. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome. We encourage different opinions and approaches to be heard, and then we come together and build.”

Khosrowshahi wants to bring about an attitude shift within the staff in the company. He writes, “Our values define who we are and how we work, but I had heard from many employees that some of them simply didn’t represent the kind of company we want to be.”

Here’s the full list of new rules, for those interested in reading all of it:

Uber’s Cultural Norms

We build globally, we live locally. We harness the power and scale of our global operations to deeply connect with the cities, communities, drivers and riders that we serve, every day.

We are customer obsessed. We work tirelessly to earn our customers’ trust and business by solving their problems, maximizing their earnings or lowering their costs. We surprise and delight them. We make short-term sacrifices for a lifetime of loyalty.

We celebrate differences. We stand apart from the average. We ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome. We encourage different opinions and approaches to be heard, and then we come together and build.

We do the right thing. Period.

We act like owners. We seek out problems and we solve them. We help each other and those who matter to us.

We persevere. We believe in the power of grit. We don’t seek the easy path. We look for the toughest challenges and we push. Our collective resilience is our secret weapon.

We value ideas over hierarchy. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere, both inside and outside our company. Our job is to seek out those ideas, to shape and improve them through candid debate, and to take them from concept to action.

We make big bold bets. Sometimes we fail, but failure makes us smarter. We get back up, we make the next bet, and we GO!

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