Three awesome features about the new OnePlus 5T smartphone

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OnePlus 5T launched today in New York, the smartphone continues to assert OnePlus’ meaning of a flagship smartphone. Last year, OnePlus released the OnePlus 3 and 3T, and launched a OnePlus 5 this summer. It was speculated that the company would also have a “T” version for 2017 and speculations proved to be true. That’s why we now have the OnePlus 5T.

The company didn’t want to want another generation to bring some new and exciting features to OnePlus lovers. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said he was ready to show off all the new features and improvements made to this new device. Among all the reviews coming out already for the device, there are three features that are catching everyone’s attention.

Huge Screen Experience

Even though OnePlus 5T takes about the same physical size as the OnePlus 5, the screen size has been increased from 5.5 inches to 6.1 inches. The screen size has been increased by reducing top and bottom bezels. The screen ratio has also been switch to 18:9 from 16:9.

The screen is also running at 1080×2160 resolution, which is slightly behind with 1080p resolution while other manufacturers are pushing for 2K. The reason why it’s a 1080p screen is to help keep the cost of the device down.

The screen size dominates the front with an ‘immersive screen.’ OnePlus retains the chipset and hardware specs with what they previously introduced, but the screen size itself has been increased.

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New Security Methods

With the new screen size in place, the fingerprint sensor has also been moved to the rear of the headset. The fingerprint sensor isn’t next to the dual-camera system and is instead in a more central position. You can also call up your notification with a quick swipe down the sensor, and you swipe up to dismiss them. This makes for a better notifications approach because you can pull your phone out, swipe down to view the notifications, and then swipe up to make them go away. It’s a natural process, fast, and easy.

Much like Apple’s iPhone X Face ID unlocking feature, OnePlus has introduced a new facial unlocking method. The OnePlus 5T can be setup to where you can use your face to unlock the device by software recognition. The system is, however, restricted to using the forward facing camera and analyzing over 100 data points on a 2D image to decided if the headset will unlock for you. While the iPhone X has plethora of sensors, the OnePlus 5T does not, which is why there are limitations for facial unlocking.

Accuracy of facial recognition is good, and recognition time is around 400 ms. Low-light does prove to be tricky when using the facial unlocking. You also have to be looking straight at the 5T in order for unlocking to work. These are some restrictions that are in place for the OnePlus 5T. It’s wroth mentioning that the system does work.

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No Comparisons In Pricing

The final feature we will discuss is the pricing for the OnePlus 5T. OnePlus decided to keep the 5T smartphone in-line with what’s been previously offered. It will cost $499 (£449) in the UK for the 6GB RAM 64GB variant, and £499 for the 8GB 128GB model. Both of these will come in Midnight Black.

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OnePlus introduced several new and exciting features with the 5T while keeping cost the same. This is absolutely a welcoming surprise, no doubt. Even though the smartphone doesn’t have all the up-to-date necessary bells and whistles that are in some of the more popular smartphones, the OnePlus 5T does offer a lot of exciting features at a more affordable cost than the Pixel 2 XL.

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