New report claims Model 3 production is improving a lot faster than Tesla anticipated

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Tesla has managed to turn a lot of heads in the auto industry, but there’s no denying that even though Tesla has come up with amazing vehicles, time and time again they have run into some serious production problems. Specifically talking about the Model 3 was expected to be different, or at least that’s what Elon Musk and Tesla promised leading up to the release of the vehicle.

Since Tesla has a more simplistic design when compared to the Model S and Model X, it was expected that the Model S would have a more streamlined production process, but even then Tesla has seen issues. Model 3 production has seen problems from the start. Tesla was initially aiming to manufacture 20,000 Model 3 vehicles per month by December of this year, but that hasn’t happened. Because of production bottleneck issues due to “battery module assembly like at Gigafactory 1,” Tesla only managed to deliver 220 vehicles, which is far below what the company initially anticipated. The company again stated that it set a new goal to boost Model 3 production to 5,000 units per week by March 2018.

According to a new report from Electrek, some Tesla suppliers have seen increased demand for parts that would suggest production estimates to be already at 5,000 units per week. This is especially a good sign because Tesla is hard at working to produce Model 3 vehicles and start fulfilling orders. Teslarati also reports that they’re seeing huge uptick in the nomber of Model 3 cars seem at Tesla’s delivery center in Fremont. Another sign that Tesla has really ramped up production.

This is really good news to hear that Tesla is finally getting to the point where it will be able to achieve 5,000 units per week for Model 3. This is also very welcoming news to all Model 3 reservation holders because they company should begin delivering Model 3 units to non-employee reservation holders starting this month. Currently, Model 3 reservations are hovering in the 400,000 range, meaning the company has a lot of catching up to do and fulfill orders.

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