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It’s almost time for Apple to start their event.  In just a little bit, we will Tim Cook come up to the stage to get things started.  Since there is no live stream, we will be providing minute by minute update live here at TSR.  Be sure to refresh the page to read the latest update, with pictures.

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1:24 am | iPhone 5C is $549 off-contract for 16GB version, btw. Not mentioned at event…for good reason.

11:19 am | 5S is all about new camera, A7, fingerprint-sensing Touch ID. And the M7 chip for health apps.

11:18 am | So, to recap…iPhone 5C seems a lot like the 5. New colors and cases. Less expensive.

11:18 am | The song is “Radio Soul” by the way.



11:16 am | “Before I got into show business I thought radio was great… this was my imaginary song about radio before I found out how foul and twisted it was.”


11:15 am | He says the computer he operated was as big as a football field, and he expects that the new iPhone has far more power. We’d guess he’s right.

11:15 am | “When I left school, the first job I did was I was a computer operator. Looking at all the magic today I wonder if I didn’t get into the wrong business.”

11:14 am | Big applause! “Thank you. I originally wrote that song as a prank, to make fun of all the peace and love songs of the ’60s.”


11:12 am | “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding.” At least he didn’t change it to “security, polycarbonate cases and five-element lenses.”



11:10 am | Musician coming on stage, three decades of work, 29 albums. Elvis Costello.

11:10 am | “We do really love music and celebrating great artists.”


11:10 am | “You’ve heard us say multiple times that music is embedded in our DNA… We do really love music, and we love celebrating with great artists. Sometimes in the past we’ve invited a musical guest to help remind us just how much we love music.”






11:07 am | iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone.

11:07 am | “We don’t just pack in feature after feature.” “We think deeply about experiences we want to create.”

11:06 am | First time the iPhone will be in China at launch.

11:06 am | Available in 100 countries on 270 carriers by the end of the year.

11:06 am | Launching in Japan on Softbank, KDDI and now NTT DoCoMo.

11:06 am | Available September 20th in US, Australia, China, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the UK.

11:06 am | iPhone 4S still available, 8GB model free with two-year contract.





11:06 am | “This is the first time we’ve been able to launch an iPhone, at the start, at the other countries and China. We are so proud of the work the team has done to make that possible.”

11:05 am | “Others don’t talk about this, but we’re going to continue doing so because it’s important to us.”

11:05 am | New cases are $39 each, all new products are environmentally friendly.

11:04 am | iPhone 5S: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399 with two-year contract.

11:03 am | “Technology is at its best and most empowering when it simply disappears.”

11:03 am | “Fingerprint is never available to other apps, and never uploaded to servers of backed up to iCloud.”

11:03 am | “Making something as important as security so effortless, so simple. We believe that technology is at its very best, and its most empowering, when it simply disappears.”

11:02 am | Capacitive touch to read fingerprint, all fingerprints are encrypted.



11:01 am | According to the video, the demo reads fingerprints pretty quickly from multiple angles. Can handle multiple fingerprints.




11:00 am | “Every component and process has been considered and measured to make sure it’s truly useful and enhances the user experience”

11:00 am | “It’s not just rampant technology for technology’s sake”

11:00 am | iPhone 5S video with Jony Ive: “Meticulously designed and crafted.”





10:59 am | Deeply built into iOS 7, can make iTunes and App Store purchases by using finger to authenticator.

10:59 am | “Can simply touch your home button to unlock your phone.”

10:59 am | Built into new sapphire crystal home button. Ring around the button is a detection ring that turns on the sensor. Button is sapphire to avoid scratching.

10:58 am | Sensor is 170 microns, 500ppi resolution, scans sub-epidermal skin layers and can read in any finger orientation.





10:58 am | It’s called the Touch ID sensor. It’s capacitive, 170 microns thin. 500ppi resolution, which is quite impressive. It can scan in 360 degrees, so you don’t have to have the orientation right, and it can learn multiple fingers.

10:57 am | “Uses a key you have with you everywhere you go”

10:57 am | Touch ID coming on iPhone 5S.


10:57 am | “The most common way forces us to set up a pass-code… This is something you do dozens of times a day, to unlock and get access to your phone. Unfortunately, some people find that’s too cumbersome and they don’t set it up.” Phil says half of people don’t set up a pass code.

10:57 am | Most common security feature is a passcode.

10:56 am | “Third feature is all about security.”

10:56 am | 28 megapixel panoramic shots, exposure adjusted automatically



10:55 am | Squirrel image returns from prior keynote, with lots of laughter from the audience.



10:54 am | Videos can be edited to choose which parts are normal speed and which are slo-mo.

10:54 am | “All of these great features and technologies are simply in service of taking a beautiful picture.”

10:54 am | HD video at 720p at 120fps.



10:53 am | Slow motion supported as well, 120fps.

10:53 am | Phone analyzes all the burst shots and presents which one it thinks will be your pick for best shot.

10:52 am | “Great for action shots and fidgeting kids.”


10:52 am | Hold down the shutter and will take images for as long as the button is held.

10:52 am | Takes multiple photos, combines for light levels and then picks the sharpest. New 10 frame per second burst mode.




10:51 am | Apple showing side-by-side images with old flash and new.

10:51 am | Can combine the two lights to get the right color balance for the room.

10:50 am | Has two LEDs, one is cool and white, other is warm and amber.



10:50 am | “Whatever color your flash is it’s going to clash with the color of the room and give you a color that doesn’t look right.” The flash is a dual-element, cool and amber. It offers 1,000 possible color temperatures!

10:50 am | New ‘true tone flash’

10:50 am | When a photo is taken, it takes multiple photos and picks the best.

10:49 am | A Dynamic Local Tone Map. Autofocus matrix metering. Just dropped the “SLR-level stuff” claim.

10:49 am | New software in iOS 7 has been designed to “take advantage of this new sensor”


10:48 am | A new five-element Apple-designed lens with F2.2 aperture. 15% larger active sensor area.

10:47 am | “For most of us, we just want to take a picture.”


10:46 am | “Equal or greater than the iPhone 5 had.” 10 hours of 3G talk time, 10 hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of video.


10:45 am | “We’ve been working with developers to do this. They’re doing amazing work.” Nike got a heads-up, creating an app called Nike+ Move.

10:45 am | Continuously measures motion data, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass — enables a new generation of health and fitness apps.


10:45 am | It’s a motion co-processor. It aggregates and monitors accelerometer, gyro, and compass data and offloads it from the A7.

10:45 am | New part called the M7, works alongside the A7. “Motion co-processor”

10:44 am | Infinity Blade III. “Available alongside the new iPhone 5S” on the App Store.

10:44 am | “We’ve just finished putting the final touches on Infinity Blade III and it will be available in the App Store along side the new iPhone 5S.”



10:42 am | Demo is running in real time and “nary a lag or stutter” according to The Verge.

10:42 am | Capable of lens flares that would “make J.J. Abrams proud.”

10:41 am | “Converting games to 64-bit is usually a painful process, but with Apple it took 2 hours.”

10:41 am | 5S has very clear ring around the home button in the slides.

10:41 am | Play as one of two characters. Runs 5x faster on iPhone 5S than the iPhone 5.

10:41 am | 8 separate worlds, each world is as big or bigger than the entire first game.





10:40 am | “I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years since we introduced Infinity Blade.” Demoing the conclusion of the Infinity Blade Trilogy, Infinity Blade 3




10:39 am | Epic Games coming on stage to demo.

10:39 am | OpenGL ES 3.0, up to 56x faster graphics performance than the original iPhone.

10:39 am | Full Xcode support, backwards compatible. “Benefits are huge.” CPU and graphics are twice as fast. CPU is 40x faster than original iPhone, with half coming with jump between A6 and A7.

10:39 am | iOS 7 updated for 64-bit. Native kernel, libraries and drivers, all built-in apps re-engineered.

10:38 am | Twice as many transistors for same physical space as the A6.



10:28 am | The A7 is a “Desktop-class architecture.” ARM instruction set that’s more efficient. 2x genral-purpose registers, 2x floating point registers, over a billion transistors. 102mm squared die size, about the same size as A6.



10:37 am | “The PC world made the transition from 32 bit to 64 bit and it took years. Today you’re going to see that Apple is going to do it on one day.”

10:36 am | “Huge leap forward in mobile computing performance.”

10:35 am | “It is the gold standard”

10:35 am | Double-LED flash.



10:35 am | Slate, gold and silver color options.

10:35 am | “It’s built in a design that is absolutely the most beautiful, and stunning design in the entire phone industry.”

10:34 am | “Packed with incredible technologies.”

10:34 am | “It’s the most forward -thinking phone we’ve ever created.”

10:34 am | Now to the iPhone 5S.

10:33 am | “It’s quite remarkable when something feels familiar and yet is new at the same time. That’s the iPhone 5C.”

10:34 am | Jony again. “I think it’s quite remarkable when something feels familiar yet is new. That’s the iPhone 5C. It’s the vivid realization of hardware and software in one device.”

10:33 am | Wallpapers match the colors of the device.

10:32 am | “Offers a dense feel you wouldn’t expect from a plastic product.



10:33 am | Craig is talking now, talking up the specs. He says the battery life is “impressive” but we haven’t heard any figures quoted yet.


10:32 am | Now he’s talking about the “soft, matte, microfiber-lined silicon” cases, a “very intentional contrast” to the gloss iPhone.

10:31 am | Steel frame inside the polycarbonate case doubles as an antenna

10:30 am | “Took the same care with how the 5C feels in your hand”

10:30 am | “iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”



10:30 am | “iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapolgetically plastic. Multiple parts have been reduced to a single polycarbonate component whose service is continuous and seamless.”

10:29 am | “We believe the iPhone is an experience”

10:29 am | iPhone 5C video starring Jony Ive


10:28 am | 16GB is $99, 32GB is $199 with two-year contract.

10:28 am | New front-facing FaceTime camera, more LTE bands, dual-band Wi-Fi ABGN, Bluetooth 4.0




10:27 am | Same 8MP rear camera, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens

10:27 am | Made from hard-coated polycarbonate, with steel-reinforced inside. 4-inch retina, integrated touch later, widescreen video, full sRGB standard, A6 processor, same as iPhone 5. Slightly larger battery capacity.

10:26 am | Circular cut-out patterns on the cases to show off the color underneath.






10:25 am | Custom cases with soft silicon rubber.

10:25 am | Entire back and sides are made from a single part. “You won’t see seams or part lines or joins.” Looks great with iOS 7.


10:24 am | “But you haven’t seen it before, not like this.” Green, yellow, blue, white and pink/red.

10:24 am | Apple now running an iPhone 5C launch video.

10:23 am | More fun, more colorful. “A few of you may have seen some shots on the web, and that’s cool, because everyone is really excited about this.”

10:23 am | “Made with all the incredible tech that customers love with iPhone 5.”

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10:22 am | “The business has become so large that this year we’re going to replace the iPhone 5, and we’re going to replace it with not one but two new designs.”

10:21 am | “A couple of you may be expecting this.”

10:21 am | Onto iPhone.

10:21 am | “Here are some great free apps to get you started”

10:20 am | iOS 7 will present you with a screen that lets you download these apps.

10:20 am | All apps will now be free. iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote.

10:19 am | Keynote, Pages and Numbers. iOS devices are “incredible for creating content”.


10:19 am | We’re looking at Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. “Now, iWork highlights the fact that iOS devices aren’t just great for consuming content. They’re incredible for creating content.”

10:18 am | iWork consists of the best-selling mobile productivity app on any platform.

10:17 am | On to iWork.

10:17 am | “Like getting an all new phone that you already know how to use.”

10:17 am | iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).

10:17 am | iOS 7 launching Friday September 18th.

10:15 am | Covering iTunes Radio, launching with iOS 7.





10:14 am | Now talking about Photos, collections organized based on time and location they were taken. Built-in filters in Camera app.

10:13 am | “You may miss a call because you’re dancing!”

10:12 am | New ringtones!

10:12 am | New multitasking view, new Safari, Siri improvements, etc. Moving quickly through iOS 7.



10:11 am | Laughs for text messages complimenting Federighi’s hair.

10:10 am | Going over the iOS 7 features, new lock screen, command center, parallax effects, new notification center.


10:10 am | Hundreds of millions will download iOS 7 overnight.

10:09 am | Apple SVP Craig Federighi now on stage to talk iOS 7.

10:09 am | iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular operating system.”

10:08 am | Next month, Apple will sell its 700 millionth iOS device. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

10:08 am | Moving to iOS 7. “We’ve been hard at work completing iOS 7.”

10:08 am | Talking about US, now. Showing off the new Stanford store, replacing the older, smaller location. Glass on three sides and a cantilevered roof. Store is split into two rooms, one for service and one for retail.


“We’re excited to show you some things we’re really proud of.” But first, some updates.


10:02 PM | 30 nights of live performances in London, including Elton John, Jack Johnson, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke.
10:02 PM | Tim’s talking about the iTunes Festival. “Celebrating our passion for music.” He says this is the best year yet.

10:02 PM | Getting started now!


9: 59 AM | Small read


9:57 AM | Things are starting to get rolling now.  Everyone is sitting inside.


9:50 AM | Just 10 minutes until the event kicks off. But you probably already knew that. Tweet with the #techsavvyreportiphone hashtag to share your predictions!

9:45 AM | Apple’s event kicks off at 10 a.m. PT.  Until then, stick around, maybe post in the comments and let us know what you think.

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