For an extra $10 per month, Verizon will stop throttling video on your unlimited plan

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Verizon it seems is always looking to make extra money off of its customers. This move doesn’t seem to surprise anyone. Not too long ago, Verizon split its widely-popular unlimited plan into two different data plans, at the same time, however, it also placed limits on the quality at which Verizon customers could stream video. The cheaper version of the unlimited plan put a 480p restriction while the higher-priced unlimited plan topped out at 720p video on smartphones (1080p on tablets).

These new restrictions were put in place immediately by the carrier and customers had no way to opt out of these restrictions. But now Verizon is back with a new method on how its customers can have that limit removed, for an extra $10 per month. This new $10 add-on will be available beginning November 3rd.

If you’re up for paying an additional $10 per month on your Verizon wireless bill, then you can stream video at the maximum quality supported by any device on your Verizon plan. It doesn’t matter of its 1080p, 1440p, or 4K. If you mobile device supports 4K streaming, with that extra $10 per month add-on, you will be able to stream 4K.

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Don’t get carried away, however. This $10 per month charge is applied per line, not per plan. So if you have 5 devices on your Verizon plan and all want to stream without restrictions, you will need to shell out $50 per month for all 5 users.

It’s quite interesting that Verizon decided to bring this back when the company originally stated that it wanted to better manage its network for quality. It took the feature away that was included in the previous unlimited plan, but has now introduced it back for an additional charge. You’re basically paying more money for the same full video quality streaming you had before. Verizon will tell you that they have received very few customers who have complained about 720p streaming on their smartphones.

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